What kind of items will I receive in my Barky Box?


Each month we will deliver a box that contains fantastic products to your door, including a combination of healthy treats, eco-friendly toys and accessories that have been carefully selected according to your dog’s or cat’s needs and size.

How the subscription plans work exactly?


You can choose from our three subscription plans:


The three-month plan, the six-month plan or the twelve-month plan. If you select a monthly plan, you will pay each month for your box. If you select the three-month plan, you are committed to pay each month during three months but here comes the great news, you will get a discounted price for your three Barky Boxes. An even further discount would be applied if you selected the six-month plan or, even better, the twelve-month plan.

Is there an additional cost to our service?


No. We ship all over the UK with no delivery fees. However, if you are a customer based in another EU country, we will add an extra £3.99 on the total value of each Barky Box you decide to purchase. All of our website prices are inclusive of VAT.

Can I cancel my subscription?


Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just drop us an email before your plan ends and we will not renew it once your plan is finished

When will I be charged for my subscription?


For monthly subscriptions, the first payment is charged upon your purchase. Afterwards, your fee will be charged on your card on the same date of the first transaction.

When will I receive my Barky Box and who will deliver it?


You will receive your Barky Box the last week of the month. This will be delivered by Royal Mail.

Where are our items from?


Being ourselves pet lovers, we share and understand your concerns. We love to pamper them with natural and eco-friendly products. The main source of our products is from the UK but we keep our eyes open in case a fantastic product catches our attention. We are also always looking for new exciting items to surprise and pamper our furry friends.

Can I choose what is inside The Barky Box?


No you cannot. We love to surprise you and your furry friend. You can expect healthy, natural and organic treats, eco-friendly toys, nutritious food and chic and snappy accessories, but every box is different according to sizes and preferences. If we tell you what is exactly in the box it would not be a surprise!  ;)

These are just some fantastic items you should be looking forward to receive in your monthly Barky Box.


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